At Your Track

Why should you invite the VSC Sprintcars to your venue?

The VSC Sprintcars are a crowd favourite and tracks that schedule Sprintcars most definitely entice a larger spectator attendance on those days wanting to see the thrills and spills our racers are known for.

When our cars crash, they crash big. When our cars pass it is most often a high side pass around the cars on the pole line or a famous slide job from below the car ahead across their front and into the lead spot.

Our cars are mostly around a second a lap fastest than the next fastest class, however, mostly we are 1.5 to 2 seconds faster per lap than anything else.

We make noise, your crowd loves noise. From rumbling V8 engines just as we sit still warming them up, to the awesome sound of the full final field flying through on lap one of the feature event.

With print media and radio/television publicity your club will see a great return on your investment when the Sprintcars are a drawcard at your track.

Extra financial return at your gate can be used by our host clubs for many things such as maintenance, improvements, and future event promotions they wish to move forward with.

The Victorian Sprintcars Association has organised our calendar for the 2022-2023 season however we encourage clubs to contact us about the 2023-2024 season and the potential to be slotted in somewhere as a ‘blue ribbon’ feature event this season if it suits us.
Our class is growing in car numbers, and we will put on an exciting night of entertainment anywhere we head. We are happy to consider all parts of Victoria for a night of competition with drivers currently from the Southwest of Victoria, Geelong, Wimmera, Melbourne, Gippsland, Southeast Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne ready to put on a show.

What is required?

Contact us. Call our President, speak to our Vice President or executive committee and we will get the ball rolling.

It does not matter where your club is and whether it is VSC affiliated or not.

If your club is aligned with Speedway Australia, under their current constraints it would be required that for a race night your club would require public liability insurance through AASA Insurance, this policy for each night of racing for the VSC Sprintcars will cover all classes competing at fifty million public liability.

The constraint is a result of Speedway Australia removing our class (and only this class) from their affiliated public liability risk insurance listing.

Race Format

For a series round event where drivers earn points for our association championship, each race night our drivers compete in two sets of heats with a maximum of ten cars per heat.

We will split the cars into groups and extend the number of heats as required. Where possible and agreeable by the VSA and venue time trials can be arranged.

Our feature race is to be run over thirty laps with a maximum of eighteen cars.

A salute to the crowd by our drivers over two or three roll-round laps is always a thrill for fans and if the announcer at your venue can get the crowd on their feet, clapping and making noise, it's even better.

If the car count is over thirty, a B main event will be required of a minimum of ten laps.

Our Association together with the Victorian Speedway Council work together to keep this a limited Sprintcar class that both racetracks and driver enjoy and afford
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