VSA Rules and Regulations
2022 – 2023

Please read and understand our racing procedures.

Most amended rules are listed in the current VSC Sprintcar specification rulebook which can be found at vsc.org.au

VSA Supplementary Rules
Tyre rule – one only NEW right rear tyre allowed per race event unless there are unforeseen circumstances where our steward will adjudicate.

Nominations or entries:
All cars must be nominated before 7:00 pm on the Sunday prior to racing.

Any entries received after this time will be considered to be a late entry and will start rear of field in their heats.

Nominations by email only: vsasprintcarsracenominations@gmail.com
No texts will be accepted.

Note: You will receive 20 Points for nominating on time and 20 points when your car is scrutineered at the racetrack, these points will be added to your points total for the series and end of season.

A driver entering this class for the first time will start rear of field for their first two meetings and at the discretion of the Steward and Committee. [Driver entering this class from another sprintcar class may be exempt].

Qualifying or Heats:
Each car will compete in 2 heats of 10 laps with a maximum of 10 cars.

If the car count is over 10 cars there will be a third heat.

If the car count is 14 or over the entries will be divided into two groups with each car completing in 2 heats to determine their starting position for the final.

If there are 6 or fewer cars per heat, then the heat may be shortened to 8 laps.

Feature Nights:
On events where the track or our association has organized a feature night our racing format may change. I.e. a pole shuffle, etc.

The points on these nights will still be included as part of the series.

State Titles:
The VSC Sprintcar State title is run by the VSC and will run as per the VSC Rulebook.

Track or appearance money:
This will be paid to the driver's car owners by the VSA, not the racetracks. This will be paid by Direct Bank Transfer within the week following the event.

All drivers must be a member of our association to receive any payment.

$20 tow money will be retained from each meeting to cover association expenses.

Racetrack By-Laws may vary from track to track but must be obeyed such as Rosedale with strict late pit entry. If you are late, you will miss out.

Note MSD ignition boxes in CT525 may be checked at random.

To assist racetracks in promoting our speedway events, our association would like each race team to participate in at least two street displays [displays to be carried out in approved or organized areas set out by the committee].

Uniforms - our association would like all drivers and crew in uniforms.

Draws for heats:
Draws for heat starting positions will be conducted immediately after the drivers talk. All drivers must attend draws even though they may not necessarily be included in the grid draw.

Numbers will be drawn for starting positions in the first heat and this sets the starting positions for the other heats for the meeting.

We ask that all drivers be in their race suit and ready for engine starts before the drivers' talk.

Points are calculated by the scale below.

Points earned from qualifying heats will be added to determine the final starting positions for the final.

The car with the highest total will start on pole in the final.

If more than one car has the same total, pole position will be decided by highest finishing positions in the heats, starting from heat one.

Heat Points

Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 DNF
Points 40 35 32 29 26 23 20 17 14 11 9 7 5

Final Points

Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 DNF
Points 100 96 92 88 84 80 76 72 68 64 60 56 52 48 44 40 20

Example of points scores for a race meet.

If you finish 3rd in your first heat and then 7th in your second heat, your points for the meet would be 52. This will be used to determine your starting position for the final.
The total of points for the event goes towards the VSA Series Points. The points are calculated as per the scale above.

Race Procedures:
In the event where a heat is cancelled at a meeting due to rain, time, etc, where the heats are split, and one group of cars does not have the opportunity to complete their heat, the corresponding heats of the cars that have completed their heat will not count for both pole position and series points.

In an event where the Steward of the day cancels a heat due to delays caused by a driver, if less than half of the laps have been completed the above rule will apply. If more than half the laps have been completed the points will be as they crossed the finish line with the offending driver or drivers getting points as ROF losing their points. This will apply to both heats and finals.

A white line start will be placed at the exit of turn 4 to indicate the 'start line'.

The pole car will bring the field to the start line at a consistent pace as required to keep the field in formation.

All cars are to maintain formation until the lead car/s have reached the start line.
The two front cars can have one false start each. If a 2nd false start occurs the offending driver will go to the rear of field.

The Steward has the power to restart the race single file if it is considered necessary.

Single file or cone starts.
In the case of a restart, a cone will be placed at the start line. All cars must pass in single file (noses to tail, no over lapping). The driver of the lead car controls the start speed and may start the race any time from exiting turn three to the start line. All cars must remain in single file until the cone has passed.

The Steward is empowered to penalize any car violating these rules. (ROF)

All finals will be 25 laps. There may be an exception for safety reasons, at the discretion of the Steward which may be decided prior to the final (drivers to be notified) or during the running of the final when necessary.

A race is not considered officially started until the lead car has completed the first lap. Subsequent restarts will be single file.

After the race has been officially started, (1 lap of the lead car) any car stopping on a yellow will be placed to the rear of the restarting line-up. The primary cause of the incident will be rear of field even if still running. Any car stopping on the track will restart rear of field.

These rules are in the VSC Rules and Regulation book.

Any car causing two yellow flags will not be re-started for that heat or final and placed infield.

In the event of a red light during the race, no work or adjustments can be carried out.
Any car detected gaining a position by placing their car inside the pole line will be penalized one position for every place gained, by the Steward for every place gained. (See VSC rule book)

Track packing (if required by the track) is compulsory. The penalty of not participating without a legitimate reason will be to start ROF in heats.

In the event of a yellow caution for debris on the track, the car dropping the debris is deemed responsible for the caution and will be restarted at the rear of the field.

A race is not considered complete until the checkered flag appears. If a yellow or red flag is thrown after the checkered flag appears, the race is officially finished.

Any driver who considers that the racing rules have been broken by another driver during a race may lodge a protest at the completion of the race. They must park their car infield near the starter stand directly after the race and lodge a protest to the on track official or steward.

Code of conduct:
Conduct unbecoming to our association will not be tolerated. Driver/crew discussions with the Chief Steward and other competitors are to be conducted through the Drivers Representative on the night.

Any driver/crew member entering the space of another driver/crew member resulting in an altercation will be deemed responsible for the altercation and will lose the points on that night or be expelled from the meeting on that night.

This rule is in addition to the rule in the VSC Competition Rule book that could enforce a 12 month ban for "bad behavior".

Association amended rules:
Our association may have amended rules which will be in place such as minimum weight 680 kg with driver. Scales maybe at random venues.

Note: If there are any changes to the above amended rules they will be covered during driver’s talks.

Flags, Boards and Lights
As per VSC Racing Rules and Regulations.
Any driver who does fail to obey any signal or direction given by the stewards and or officials may be penalized.

Green Flag/Green light:
START OF RACE OR RACE IN PROGRESS – The signal to start racing shall be when the Green light is displayed or when the Green flag is waved.

Yellow and Green Flag crossed:
COMPLETE RE-START/FORM UP – Given for a complete restart or to form up ready to start.

Yellow Flag/Yellow Light:
CAUTION – When this is displayed the drivers shall slow to a reasonable pace and retain their position.

Red Flag/Red Light:
DANGER – Drivers are to stop immediately in the safest practical way.

Yellow flag with Red angle stripes:
FIRE FLAG – Drivers given this signal are to withdraw immediately in the safest practical way.

Blue flag with Yellow spot:
LAPPING FLAG – When displayed that vehicle is about to be lapped, and must maintain line and render no competition or interference when being lapped. When a driver receives the lapping flag that driver is to hold their current position on the track i.e. if mid track at the time, they should stay mid track until lapped, if high on the track, stay up high.

Black flag with White diagonal stripe:
ENQUIRY FLAG – When displayed, the driver is subject to an enquiry and must report to the Chief Steward (or delegated official) at the completion of the race.

Yellow flag with Black diagonal stripe:
NOISE FLAG – Driver may continue to race, however if the noise level does not decrease on the next lap(s) then the Black flag will be displayed.

Black Flag:
DISQUALIFICATION FLAG – Driver to withdraw immediately to the infield using caution whilst doing so and must report to the steward at the end of the race. No appeals accepted on a black flag.

Black Flag with White Spot:
MECHANICAL DEFECT – Driver to withdraw immediately using caution to the Infield, where officials shall inspect and/or rectify the fault. Driver may then rejoin the race, provided the official has given approval to rejoin the race.

White Flag:

Black and White checkered flag:

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