The Victorian Sprintcar Association is a drivers and owners’ group that manages the VSC Sprintcar form of Sprintcar racing across the state each season.

VSC Sprintcars in different guises has been around since the 1970s. Starting originally as a Modified group of competitors and then evolving in the early 1980s to the Limited Sprintcars under one name or another.

The class continued to operate as the Limited Sprintcars from the 1990s to the 2000s when they renamed themselves the VSC Sprintcars. At this time, our drivers started the Victorian Sprintcar Association (VSA). During this entire time, the Victorian Speedway Council (VSC) has been by our side. The VSC Sprintcars are one of or are the eldest running classes in Australia for the Sprintcars.
The class first trialled the Chevrolet LS motor around 2010 as the car numbers were dwindling and it was becoming unsustainable with the existing motor package. After trialling the engine for a couple of years, the perfect set-up was achieved and with this new set-up, the car numbers started to increase.

Competitors from other classes, Sprintcar owners in more costly variations of the class and interested future competitors in the crowd, started to see what we had as far as a cost-effective, bang for your buck, adrenalin rush package and we were able to build the class up by 20% each year since, and is still increasing today.
Some of our car owners have cars in other forms of Sprintcars whilst maintaining a package in ours and others have begun a career with us and gone on to compete in the biggest Sprintcar events around Australia.

The current form of our class is increasingly population with clubs reaching out to our leadership team and we look forward to being able to present a great night's entertainment wherever we go.

This could not have been done without the support of two resolute VSA members and a couple of prominent VSC committee members. Without these people, we would not be where we are today and have an affordable class of Sprintcars.

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